Why Martial Arts Provide the Ideal Full-Body Workout

Why Kung-Fu Provides the Ideal Full-Body Workout

Full-body workouts are critical to health and wellness. Kung-Fu is a great way to achieve such a workout.

Many people believe that the only way that they can achieve a full-body workout is by lifting weights and running on a treadmill. While this may indeed provide a full-body workout, it also can be extremely repetitive, causing people to quickly lose interest and abandon their fitness goals.

Of course, the best workout depends on what you are looking to achieve as far as health and wellness.Kung-Fu workouts, for example, Kung Fu, emphasize generating power throughout the entire body. They also provide high-intensity workouts in that they can burn hundreds of calories in one session.

Burning calories is just one of the benefits of such workouts, however. They also help to develop strength and endurance and allow you to feel more comfortable in your own body. Just as there are different types ofKung-Fu, eachKung-Fu will provide a different type of workout.

  1. Traditional Kung-Fu: Kung Fu build physical strength and endurance while emphasizing ritual and discipline. Mental toughness also is achieved through the traditional Kung-Fu.
  2. Kickboxing or Boxing: Geared toward competition, these methods increase movements and develop speed. Endurance and physical toughness also are hallmarks of kickboxing and boxing. They are not as formal as traditional Kung-Fu and place a greater emphasis on sparring and basic technique.
  3. Grappling Arts: Judo and Jiu Jitsu focus on wrestling, throwing and control techniques. They are known for their emphasis on raw strength and power. Physical control and coordination also are achieved.

Another important distinction between practicing the Kung-Fu and working out in a traditional gym with machines and free weights is the fact that the Kung-Fu provide more than just a whole-body workout. They also provide a mental component sorely lacking in other type of workouts.

Separating the mind and body is an impossible task. Many physical training techniques, however, ignore the mental component of fitness. Not so when it comes to the Kung-Fu. By making the mind stronger through the Kung-Fu, much more is achieved. Namely, before, during and after any Kung-Fu workout, an individual is put in the proper frame of mind.

Many people in the fitness word fail to concentrate on the mind as a muscle but when practicing the Kung-Fu, the mind is engaged and its functionality is improved. And that is the most critical component of any full-body workout.