New Year Resolutions Dont Work, Kung Fu Does

Of all the New Year resolutions that were made this year, the most popular ones in the United States included some combination of losing weight and exercising more. While these are both outstanding goals, unfortunately, statistics tell us that by the beginning of February, approximately 80 percent of Americans will have given up on their New Year resolutions.

What this proves is that Americans are searching for ways to be healthier and improve their lives. It also proves that quick fixes don’t work. That’s why Kung Fu is a great way to make 2018 your best year ever and its benefits will be life-altering.

Kung Fu is the most effective form of Martial Arts training since it combines physiological and mental development. Although it was initially invented as a defense mechanism for survival in hostile environments rather than using rudimentary weapons, it’s effectiveness in body flexibility and weight loss cannot be ignored.

Kung Fu is Accessible to Everyone

Unlike other forms of training, Kung Fu does not require complex equipment but simple tools and undivided attention. This has made the training effective in all nations and capturing people from all walks of life.

Mental and Emotional Functions of Kung Fu

According to medical practitioners, Kung Fu is a recommended method of relieving stress. It involves harnessing personal energy through breath work, visualization, and flowing movement. Furthermore, the basic techniques activate the parasympathetic nervous system which reduces stress by increasing the quality of sleep, boosting immunity, and lowering blood pressure. Without any doubt, Shaolin Meditation will improve your mood and alleviate anxiety and depression.

Martial Arts such as Kung Fu also are constructive outlets for anger and frustration. Physical activities stimulate the production of `feel good’ body chemicals called endorphins, which result in calmness and positivity. Despite the combat activities, the practitioners become less aggressive and impulsive towards others as required by the Kung Fu moral codes.

Physiological Function

Working out minimizes the risks of chronic diseases brought by sedentary activities. Since this martial art involves muscle toning, fat burning, stretching, and general body fitness tactics, the ultimate result is a supple and strong body. Kung Fu comprises of thorough exercising and strict consistency. Despite this, you should not be scared since you have a choice to practice within your limits.

Body Fitness and Weight Loss

Kung Fu Masters practice Kung Fu as a Martial Art, but you can use it as a quick fitness track. Most people give up on losing weight or keeping fit due to the boring monotonous drills offered. However, Kung Fu is fun to learn thus keeping the practitioners interested every day. Through dedication and discipline, you can obliviously achieve your fitness goals in no time.

Practically, everyone can perform Kung Fu; you just need to have the willingness and determination to push past your limits. Moreover, it does not have to be intense and painful if you just want to lose weight or keep fit.