There is nothing better than Kung Fu to hone your self-defense skills, increase your strength and achieve a perfect balance of mind, body and spirit. This is why it should come as no surprise that mediation is an essential aspect of Kung Fu training.

Mediation trains you to be alert and aware in situations where you would otherwise feel frightened or intimidated and become hesitant. When you practice mediation as part of your Kung Fu training you will learn how to stay centered, focus on the task at hand and handle situations exactly as they need to be handled. That’s because mediation allows you to be physically and emotionally balanced at the same time.

In order to achieve a successful mediation practice, you will need to devote a great deal of time and effort. Without patience and perseverance, there is no way you can achieve success.

There are several benefits of mediation that many people are not aware of. What follows are just some of the many ways meditation benefits your mind, body and spirit :

  1. Boosts immune function and decreases pain and inflammation.
  2. Improves memory and attention span.
  3. Increases brain volume, specifically in the areas of positive emotions and self-control.
  4. Decreases anxiety, depression and stress.
  5. Increases resilience in difficult times.
  6. Increases self-awareness.

It is easy to see how the practices of Kung Fu and meditation intersect so perfectly. While many people decide to take up Kung Fu for self-defense, Kung Fu helps to protect against more than just physical attacks. When you practice Kung Fu and meditation you will be able to protect yourself emotionally, as well as physically. For example, you will defend yourself against overreacting and engaging in unnecessary verbal conflicts and arguments. Mediation also allows you to practice compassion and acceptance which leads to a harmonious, positive state of mind.

In the end, it is important to remember that in order to reach your full potential in the practice of Kung Fu, you must not just train your body but your mind, as well. That is why meditation is such an important step in your journey to increase your self-awareness and achieve a sense of calm and focus that allows you to excel in the practice of Kung Fu.