A JadeDragon Workout
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JadeDragon Kung-Fu

Looking for a workout that is like no other? Tired of the traditional gym scene? We understand. That’s why we created a workout that involves many of the traditional kung-fu teachings along with a full body cardio workout to help you get in shape and feel great about yourself.

At JadeDragon Kung-Fu our workout classes focus on your physical AND mental being. We care about how you feel physically and mentally. The body is in its best shape when both are exercised regularly and “in shape”.

So how do we get there? It’s not easy, but you will love the results after 60-90 days.


We take teachings from kung-fu and transfer those to a workout that strengthens your body and your mind. Every client is unique, and we make sure you are in the class that best fits your physical and mental strength.

There are no weights. There are no tread mills. There are no bouncing balls. Only a complete workout experience that helps you get the most out of your body.

So what’s the end result you can expect?

  • Experience weight loss ideal for your body type
  • Have a body more toned rather than musclebound
  • Begin a journey to a better lifestyle of health, fitness and peace
  • Strengthen your mental abilities to help control your new lifestyle

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