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Jeff J. says:
My son and I have been training with Sifu Reggie for almost 3 years. He is an outstanding instructor with over 20 years experience. He is hard but always fair and wants to see his students improve through practice and commitment. Mr. Reggie as my son and I often use to refer to him has our utmost respect and admiration he is always happy to answer questions even outside of the class. He is a teacher that leads by example and will allow you to progress at your own pace while always making sure you are reaching new goals. In this system you’ll train using methods that are thousands of years old and get a twist every now and then with something different developed by Reggie himself. There are no fancy machines or gimmicks just everyday items that can be used to enhance your training. The training is excellent for overall wellness and longevity. If you are suffering from any kind of illness you should explore what the benefits of Kung-Fu training can do for your overall health. The journey of learning authentic Kung-Fu is a life long quest and can be undertaken at any age. Mr. Reggie’s Sifu informed us when we first started Reggie was one of his fiercest Tigers and that is an understatement for sure. If you review his videos you will see the real power of Kung-Fu at a very high level. Instructor Reggie’s commitment to excellence is seen in his individual approach to each of his students, he is able to connect with each student on a personnel level and help guide them to achieve things you may have thought to be unattainable. He is humble, diligent, kind and patient in manner and believes in striving to be the very best. He brings this positive energy to every class! If you are lucky enough to be accepted as a student by Reggie expect to get the very best training you have ever had, in a Kung-Fu system that is found in only a few places. This self-defense martial arts system will allow you to unlock the power within and allow you to become a stronger better person in all aspects of your life.

Kabral S. says:
Reggie "The Jade King" aka "Terminator" is simply one of the best martial artist I have ever seen, and one of the greatest teachers I have ever had. I have worked with many phenomenal teachers in my life and I can honestly say that Jade King is truly an enlightened warrior. He has trained me for over 6 years and it has been one of the best experiences of my life. His teaching is fun, insightful, highly skilled, diverse, and inspiring. In a nut shell, he has a heart of gold and the skill to match it. He cares deeply about his students and brings out the best in everyone. Jade King is very in tune with his students so he adapts his teaching based on what you are capable of and develops you in a way that is extremely personalized. He can help you to create mind blowing progress with ease and fun. Working with him has made me successful in Kung-Fu and in many other areas of my life. I can't say enough about how great working with him is. If you are lucky enough to have an opportunity to work with him, jump on it now while he is still available. He is very busy and more in demand all the time. Give yourself this gift. I highly recommend him for anyone who would like to go to the next level in a way that is personalized, powerful, and fun.

Francisco A. says:
He's an amazing teacher! Always willing to take questions, Stern but fair, and loves to push you further than you thought even you could go. I'll be a part of his class as long as my body is able to.


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