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When It Comes to Self-Defense
Queens Residents Turn to JadeDragon Kung-Fu

If you are interested in learning self-defense techniques or new ways to defend yourself, then check out JadeDragon Kung-Fu. As the Father of Martial Arts, Kung-Fu provides the best education when it comes to self-defense.

That's because self-defense is more than just learning how to kick, punch and scream. It's a Lifestyle.

How We Differ from Other Classes:

You will learn MORE than just the common moves and techniques to protect yourself. You will also learn:

  1. Defensive and attack moves that you can learn only from Kung-Fu Masters
  2. To bring peace & balance into your life
  3. More about your body and what it can and can't do.
  4. How to be more aware of your surroundings to help you make good decisions
  5. Better decision-making to keep you out of certain negative situations

In other words, at JadeDragon, we work to help you make decisions so you don't have to defend yourself. But there's no doubt: if you ever find yourself in a negative situation in your hometown of Queens, or anywhere else for that matter, you WILL know what to do.



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jade dragon kung fu


Kung Fu is a great workout. No need to be intimidated by it. These programs are about being healthy both in mind and body, and best of all, feeling good about yourself.

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jade dragon kung fu


Tired of being nervous, even scared, in certain situations? You shouldn’t be. These classes are about protecting yourself, and more importantly, being ultra confident when the moment calls you to be.

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jade dragon kung fu


These classes are just what it says…hardcore. Intense. Doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a pro, each class is separated into expertise, but the end result is the same: ensuring no one messes with you.

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Meditation means different things to different people. If you are searching for inner peace or personal wealth, the energy of Shaolin meditation as part of your Kung Fu practice can help you achieve that which you desire. Shaolin meditation allows...[Read more]

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