Kung-Fu is the Father of Martial Arts

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If you are interested in Martial Arts, then it’s only right that you learn Kung-Fu – the Father of Martial Arts. It is the oldest form of martial arts, beginning over 5000 years ago, and is the base from where Judo and Karate evolved.

At JadeDragon Kung-Fu we teach the essence of Kung-Fu, meaning we teach you the physical movements, but the more you progress the more you learn the spirit of the art, which is both body AND mental control.

In these classes, we take aspects of the Workout classes and the Self-Defense classes to an entirely new level to building your confidence and mental toughness.

But let’s be clear:

Kung-Fu is a combination of toughness and physical moves with even a stronger focus to respect, honor and living a balanced life to help you control your actions in various situations.

You will learn techniques to earn multiple black belts if that’s your goal. No doubt, you will be amazed at what you will be able to do physically. Most students, though, are more amazed at the peace and serenity they feel from Kung-Fu, and the natural humility they gain from Kung-Fu to handle tense situations without ever having to throw a punch or a kick.

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